Context combines 2 timelines and shows them in context. Master timeline should contain yearly periods. The events in the Detail timeline get nested into Master events based on the Detail’s starting year that falls into the appropriate interval.


  • Google cloud function Context fills-in the sheet context with joined records from both timelines
  • The sheet context-pivot shows the master-detail structure using the Google spreadsheet pivot mechanism
  • WordPress Ninja table is the best visualisation method for the Web presentation

Our user Crownlover shares his work on the MeDigital user pages.

Here are a few screenshots showing the process of creating the context visualisations:

Timelines by Categories: create two timelines with categories Premiers and Crown. Cloud function takes the year portion of the date_from and date_to columns; however you can override them by changing the year_from and year_to columns.

Context_Config: generate the Premiers-Crown context target sheet and potentially Flippity and Gannt visualisations for checking the individual data

FLippity visualisations

Premiers Gannt view: check the gannt sheet that Premiers periods don’t overlap

Crown Pivot: Pivot sheet gets filled automatically by the Context data

WordPress Ninja Overview: Ninja table hosted on the page shows the list of the Crown series filterable by Premier’s name or Season number. The Link opens the original Crown Website.

WordPress Ninja Detail: the detail showing synopsis, main picture and more dates opens by clicking on any line