Timeline Demo

Source Google Spreadsheet contains example data from several areas organized by categories. Complete Demo data can be viewed via:

External visualization formats can be chosen according to the presented data, see below some examples.

Flippity: From Trump to Biden

The milestones of the dramatic four-months history from 1st Trump-Biden presidential debate till the Biden inauguration. 

By clicking on a headline the photo with a note appears followed by a short description and a link to an article from media like CNN, Washington Post, New York Times etc.

Knightlab: Thomas Edison Lifestory

Thomas Edison’s lifestory inspired by the web page https://worldhistoryproject.org/topics/thomas-edison

Slide format shows photo, the note attached to it and links to the particular parts of the original web page.

Jumping to a particular slide can be done from the graphical timeline below

Google Data Studio: Pets

History of anonymous Pets (Cats and Dogs) owned by an anonymous user. The report is made on the original data and can be used as a quick check before any conversion.

Sheet2site: Runeller

One year trip of runner and traveller Matej Semsej across the world inspired by his web https://runeller.com/

This visualisation contains menu, seach box and potentially many other features. Available only for Premium users.

Gannt: Runeller world trip

Gannt diagram is located on the gannt sheet of the source spreadsheet, no need to have a separate spreadsheet. It shows proportional line graph depending on the length of the particular event. By clicking on the Decription button the full contents of the description field appears in the right window with full html support.