01 Timeline sheet

Table of Contents

Examples #

The timeline sheet contains data for all three cases flagged by categories. By clicking on the Copy button the current record gets copied to the sheet edit.



Columns #

One line of the seeht describes one event

  • category: text from the list values on the lists sheet
  • date_from: mandatory starting date of the event in the form of YYYY-MM_DD (e.g. 2021-01-20)
  • date_to: ending date of the event, not mandatory
  • headline: short text describing the event
  • description: longer text. It can include html code. Links to the url listed further in the form [urlx, text] gets translated to a hyperlink. E.g. [url1,Link] gets converted to a hyperlink to the website listed in the field url1.
  • color: pick the color from the colorlist on the lists sheet
  • note: short text useful as a caption for the photo
  • link: link to a website related to the descriptiom
  • url1 – 5: description can contain max 5 urls (see description)

Button/Macros #

There are buttons on some sheets that perform specific actions by clicing on the left button.

You can move the buttons to the appropriate place by clicking on the right mouse button.

Buttons can be run also by following macro keyes.