Getting started

Web application serves for

  • editing data
  • configuring conversions
  • running and viewing conversions

Timeline editing

The Application offers a comfortable way for editing and viewing the source sheet including HTML support. The data is stored in the MySQL database with import and export possibility from/to Google sheet.
  • Go to the and sign-up with your Google account
  • You should receive an Email with further instructions
You can view data in the mobile application
The source sheet can be edited by standard Google sheet mechanism and then export it to the MySQL database.

Timeline Conversion

Various conversions of the target sheet can be done by the Conversion configuration tool  timeline4life/convert
  • Click on the Help button and follow the instructions.
  • Push First row button for creating your first row in the configuration database.
  • Clickon Templates in the Radio button
  • Click on Copy templates Icon  in the line for the chosen template
  • You will get an email with the link to the template copy which will also appear in your "Shared with me" folder
You can work with the copied templates temporarily; however it is recommended to make following changes:
  • Open the copied template
  • File/Make a copy, rename the sheet and accept the "Share with the same people"
  • Then open the new spreadsheet and remove the editor rights from
Some templates will require further changes. Follow the instructions for the particular template.