MySQL Reports

Default Timeline data are stored in a Google spreadsheet and various visualisation engines process the spreadsheet dat, For more complicated schemes like master-detail relationships, searching and filtering the SQL database structure is more appropriate.

There is the MySQL database running on the MeDigital website. Google function is able to export the spreadsheet data to MySQL tables. MySQL Reports is a useful tool for visualising MySQL data.

Here is an example of MySQL Reports borrowed from the Crownlover’s page. Crownlover collects the information about the Netflix Crown episodes in the Timeline sheet’s category Crown

Cloud function exports the spreadsheet data into the MySQL table Crown.

MySQL Report show the data on the Web. It contains colored numbers of the Season on each page, individual episodes information with clickable image and link to the original source.

All fields are searchable and there exist several visualisation formats including exports to csv or PDF files.

Mobile version of the report can be used on mobiles and laptops.