Timeline Runeller

Timeline of the Matej Semsej’s one year trip over the world. More details on Runeller’s blog.

Matej frequently communicated with a small group of friends in the Czech republic via a WhatsApp group. The WhatsApp Download Add-On was used to download WhatsApp Group contents to MySQL tables – see the video about the Whatsapp download process.

Runeller WhatsApp MySQL
The MySQL tables have been presented by using the MySQLReports Add-On .
TextText Mobile: browsing through WhatsApp chat, searching, grouping by names, places
EventsEvents Mobile: list of visited states and attached WhatsApp images

Runeller Timeline
Runeller Timeline Google spreadsheet was created based on the data in the blog and Matej’s photo album and then visualised by the following visualisation engines.

Runeller Timeline Visualisations: Flippity, Knightlab, Sheet2site. Gannt preview and Ninja Table below