My digital story

A few years ago I received a strong warning about the fragility of my digital personality. I fainted in a half marathon finish. I did not see the light at the end of the tunnel and my heart attack hasn’t been confirmed in the end.

However later, in the ambulance, I realized with horror that my digital memory spread out somewhere in the Internet clouds would become inaccessible to my family and friends and it would also start slowly disappearing from my head with the creeping Alzheimer. The thought of the digital void made me act.

I started writing the timeline of my life into a simple Excel spreadsheet containing dates, texts, and links to my digital memory.

An Excel spreadsheet is not really a nice presentation tool so I refreshed my programming skills, untouched during 20 years of my managerial career, learned Python and programmed a Google cloud function that transforms the data from a Google spreadsheet into several presentation formats on the Web. Then I discovered no-code programming tool and created the application for editing and converting timeline data from the MySQL database.

So, in the Covid years 2020/21, the MeDigital Timeline product has been created.