Timeline structure

See the Demo data source Google sheet

Timeline sheet columns

  • category: serves for filtering
  • date_from: starting date of the event in the form of YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2021-01-20)
  • date_to: ending date of the event
  • headline: short text describing the event, mandatory
  • description: longer text. It can include html code.
  • color: color name like green, blue, orange etc. Many reports recognize standard colors.
  • photo: link to the photo file on internet. It should contain suffix .jpg, png that most reports recognize and display
  • note: short text useful as a caption for the photo
  • link: link to a website related to the description
  • flag: reports lists records marked as Y


  • The Source spreadsheet is owned by you.
  • The Python Cloud Function needs the Editor rights to be able to share and convert the data.