Timeline structure

See the Demo data source Google sheet

Timeline sheet columns

  • category: any text. Reports are often organized by categories
  • date_from: starting date of the event in the form of YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2021-01-20), mandatory
  • date_to: ending date of the event, not mandatory
  • headline: short text describing the event
  • description: longer text. It can include html code.
  • color: color name like green, blue, orange etc. Many reports recognize standard colors.
  • photo: link to teh photo file on intrnet. It should contain suffix .jpg, png that most reports recognize and display
  • note: short text useful as a caption for the photo
  • link: link to a website related to the description
  • flag: reports with the category = Flags ignores categories and lists record marked as Y or TRUE
  • send: some report can send the particular row via a formatted email


  • The Source spreadsheet is owned by you. The Medigital Cloud function needs the Viewer rights to read the data.
  • Medigital Cloud function needs the Editor rights to generate the target content needed for the publishing applications
  • Publishing application needs the Publishing to web option for reading the Target spreadsheet and creating the Web content

The link to the Target spreadsheet and the Result view are published so whoever knows the links can see the data. This can’t be avoided; however you can temporarily replace the contents by using options Template or Encryption.