Obtaining the key #

Register on the Login page and obtain the Timeline key via email

Creating Timeline source sheet #

Creating Flippity target sheet #

  • Create new google sheet and name it by your choice e.g. My_Flippity_Timeline
  • Share it to: with Editor option
  • File/Publish to the Web, confirm Publish
  • Go to the config sheet
    • replace YourKey by the key you obtained after the registration
    • replace YourFlippityURL by the full url of the Flippity spreadsheet

Running timeline 1st time #

  • go to sheet config, pick Template=YES and Run Visualisation
  • accept authorization to javascripts
    • choose your Google account
    • pick Advanced and then Goto Timeline (Unsafe)
    • on Make sure You Trust Timeline click on Allow
  • pick template=NO
  • click on Run Visualisation once more
  • script should run and Finnish
  • click on Result

Edit data #

Edit some demo data (e.g. headline) on the timeline sheet and Run Visualisation to check whether the change got propagated

Creating other targets #

  • Repeat the same for Knightlab as for Flippity.
  • Gannt doesn’t need any target spreadsheet, the visualisation is on the gannt sheet.
  • Ninja tables and Site2sheet require special templates are part of the paid services

Too complicated? #

Subscribe to Premium and the target sheets will be provided to you.